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Accidents happen and it's reassuring to know most things of China-type materials can be restored, no matter if the damage is historic, recent or even if pieces are missing.

It has been my pleasure over the years to repair many precious items ranging from Milk Pails and Terracotta Warriors to Resin Plaques of New York City and, of course, stacks of the more ordinary Lladro, Capote de Monte, Beswick, Staffordshire and Meissen ornaments.


The monetary value of an item is normally irrelevant, it's the sentimental value that matters.

The restoration process is ornamental only and not for domestic use.


Examples of Previous Projects



A Tail of Two Parrots - these early Meissen parrots stand .5m tall. One parrot’s tail was missing completely.
In order to recreate the tail comprehensive research was undertaken. Eventually it was decided the parrots were hybrids and the parrot's tail was matched to his mate for size and colouring. As a final finishing touch the missing flowers, fruit and leaves were replaced.


This Italian statue of two children is approximately from 1850 in Marble. Sadly it's had a hard life in the garden.
Originally the owner thought it was concrete as it was black before cleaning. The statue is very weather-worn with prior repairs. I created a new thumb and repaired the snake's head (he was asleep).


This Meissen Magpie had damage to it's beak and the leaves around it's base. Work was done to recreate and match the original.


This Copenhagen Seagull had a missing wing.

The repair process was:

  • Stage 1: Recreate the wing.

  • Stage 2: Smooth and match.

  • Stage 3: Paint.


Terracotta Planter - Much loved by his owner. It now lives in the conservatory as the restoration would degrade with the weather!

Resin Table Lamp - Had parted company with it's base. Matching the faux copper effect was more tricky than you may think.

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If you would like to discuss a project please email some images of your item and I can provide an estimate or please call.

07766 751352

Newbury, Berkshire, UK

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